Thirteen Names

Content note: mention of death and injury

The “Thirteen Names” project highlights parallels in the experiences of diverse communities.

“13 Names: Series A – Served and Protected?”

animation of 3 sets of portraits split down the middle

Remembering individuals who have been killed or injured by public servants in situations where the level of force used was questionable, if not clearly excessive.

Could these deaths or injuries have been avoided? Each leaves behind grieving loved ones and broken trust.

“13 Names: Series B – Identities”

Portrait with half the face of a South Asian man and half the face or an East Asian man, ringed by 13 Asian names

Remembering individuals of Asian descent in North America who lost their lives in hate crimes, often in cases of mistaken identity.

Too often we turn a blind eye to the concerns of communities that we don’t identify with, or even blame them for their experiences, assuming that the same cannot happen to us. Whether it be encounters with hate crimes, or the use of excessive force from public servants, such tragedies have all happened to people who look like us, people who could be our relatives. All of us benefit from efforts to reduce the frequency of these incidents.